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Element Zero Logo

© Element Zero.
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About Element Zero

We are The Green Metal Company

In an era defined by the pressing need for sustainable solutions, the fusion of renewable energy sources and groundbreaking chemistry has ushered in a transformative approach to the production of iron and other vital metals.

This innovative synergy not only promises to revolutionise traditional industrial processes but also represents a significant step towards a zero-carbon future. At Element Zero, we’re reshaping the landscape of metal production and contributing to a more environmentally conscious and future-oriented world.
Element Zero Logo

Our Customers Have Committed To Reduce Over 2 Billion Tonnes Of CO2 Emissions.

Element Zero has pioneered an inventive method that offers both cost-effective and efficient means to convert metal ores including iron ore, nickel ore, and other forward-looking metallic resources, into their pure metal counterparts with zero carbon emissions.
CO2 Emissions Table

* Chart represents 2022 Global Industrial Carbon Emissions. IEA. (2023, June 15). Direct CO2 emissions from industry in the net zero scenario, 2000-2030 – charts – Data & Statistics. IEA.

Meet Our Team

The Element Zero team is a diverse ensemble of scientists, technologists, and financial experts collaborating within this specialised field.

Michael Masterman

Chief Executive Officer

Michael has been involved in large resources and green energy startups including Fortescue (2003), Zenobe, UK (2015), FFI (2020), and Squadron Energy (2020).

Michael has an extensive network of relationships at CEO and Chairman level of major iron ore mining, metals and steel companies in Australia, Brazil and Europe. His experience covers large scale financing and commercialisationof new technologies.

Bart Kolodziejczyk

Chief Technology Officer

Bart is an innovator with 15 years of experience in renewables, hydrogen and clean technology startups.

Most recently, Bart served as Director at Boston Consulting Group and Chief Scientist for Fortescue Metals Group Ltd, the fourth-largest iron ore producer globally. He was a Chief Technology Officer of H2SG Energy in Singapore which manufactured electrolyzersvalued at $220 million. Advisor to the UN, OECD, G20, World Energy Council and European Commission. In 2022, Kolodziejczyk was awarded the Order of Australia for service to science in the field of hydrogen energy. Bart holds nine degrees, including two PhDs and six master degrees and over a dozen patents.

Peter Barrett

Board Director

Peter Barrett, Co-Founder and General Partner at Playground Global.

Playground Global is a deep tech venture firm in Palo Alto, CA. He serves on the board of transformative companies in computation, AI, and decarbonization, including PsiQuantum, which is building the world’s first useful quantum computer, and Universal Hydrogen, which is pioneering emissions-free aviation with 50-passenger planes fuelledby modular hydrogen. He also led the Series A round for MosaicML,which enables companies to train and deploy LLMs and other generative AI models on their own data andwas recently acquired by Databricks. Prior to his time at Playground, Peter created the first widely used video codec in the early ’90s, served as a Distinguished Engineer at Microsoft, and gave Elon Musk his first Silicon Valley job at one of his startup companies. He holds over 100 patents.

Steve Nethery

Chief Renewables Officer

Steve has been instrumental in the prospecting, development, financing, and construction of over 8GWs of projects in Australia including wind, solar, battery, gas and pumped hydro.

At Element Zero, he spearheads efforts to secure green energy for Element Zero’s innovative green iron processing facilities.